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Issue 26:1 | March 2006 | Art History: Go Figure

Issue 26:1 | March 2006 | Art History: Go Figure

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Art History: Go Figure

While linear visions of heroic artists are often presented in art galleries, university teachers, researchers and other scholars are uncovering and disseminating a much more multi-faceted vision of Australian art history. The absence of Indigenous histories in educational curricula is chronicled, as well as a groundbreaking Dictionary of Australian Artists Online which is being developed. Joanna Mendelssohn, Associate Professor at the College of Fine Art in Sydney, is the guest editor of a collection of writings that pulls no punches. Writers include Rex Butler, Ian McLean, Juliette Peers, Vivien Johnson, Daniel Thomas, Anne Marsh, Sylvia Kleinert, Jonathan Holmes, Catriona Moore, Sasha Grishin, Peter McNeil, Tracey Clement and more - testing theories against each other and in the process enlightening us about how an understanding of Australian art ended up where it is today.

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